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4 Incredible Views You Will See on The High Roller

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The High Roller at The LINQ is one of Las Vegas’ newest premier attractions. The observation wheel is the tallest of its kind in the world standing at 550 feet in the air. The wheel offers daytime ($24.95) and nighttime ($34.95) pricing, as well as a special Happy Hour cabin that serves premium cocktail drinks throughout your cycle around ($37-$52 depending on time of day). Located at the end of The LINQ Promenade alongside of the Flamingo, the High Roller takes center stage on the Strip. During our trip around, we discovered how vast the Las Vegas metropolitan area is while also taking note of these incredible views…

4. Lights of the Strip


If you take a ride after sunset, the Las Vegas lights come alive. Not only will the lights of the Strip impress you, but the sheer size of the city will become more noticable as the streetlights and houses illuminate the sky. The spectacle produces a surreal feeling and inspires the imagination. Spend some time looking east, away from the Strip, and take it all in.

3. The majestic Bellagio Fountains


If you’re lucky and you time your trip around the wheel just right, you may see the famous Bellagio Fountains from atop the wheel. The fountains can shoot over 400 feet into the air, which is about 15 stories shorter than the High Roller, pretty impressive to say the least.

2. Gaze across the desert at Red Rock Canyon


While sipping your favorite drink, look beyond the Strip to the west, you will see Red Rock Canyon in the distance. The mountainous national park creates an elaborate backdrop to gorgeous sunsets. The mountains can be seen through dusk. If you’re going on an afternoon ride, be prepared to stand in awe.

1. Incredible Sunsets


The romanticism of sunset comes alive as the colors of the desert sky turn fiery orange and the Strips neon lights come alive. Almost simultaneously the setting sun ignites the neon sky, creating an incredible display of nature and neon.

[Prices were gathered on 4/10/2015]

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