3 Ways to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by Las Vegas Taxis

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Frequent Vegas-goers know, that Las Vegas cabbies are notorious for trying to find ways to make an extra buck. The majority of visitors will use taxis and buses instead of renting a car. There are many advantages for doing so, but with those advantages comes the risk of (legal) inflated taxi fares. In addition, drivers are known for dangerous driving, running red lights, talking on cell phones, speeding, and more. We should preface these tips by saying, not all cabbies are dishonest and dangerous, in fact, over the years I have encountered many friendly drivers.

3. How much to tip your driver

When you have reached your destination, don’t let the cabbie fool you about how much to tip. We suggest tipping 15% for a safe and fair ride. If you felt the cabbie drove dangerously, long-hauled you, or broke the law, we suggest not-tipping and politely telling him why.


2. Don’t let the driver know its your first time

If it’s your first time in Las Vegas, don’t tell your cabbie. If your driver asks, be suspicious. If they do ask, lie (it is sin city after all). If you’re riding in the front, and this wouldn’t embarrass you, you can also make sure the cabbie sees you writing down the cab number.  That helps keep rogue cabbies honest.


1. Say the magic words, “no tunnel”

If you’re staying on the Strip, the most common problem you will encounter is the cabbie “long-hauling” you from the airport. For example, instead of driving the quickest (and cheapest) way to your resort from the airport, the cab driver will most likely take you through “the tunnel” and up the Boulevard, past the Fabulous Las Vegas sign. When cabbies take you up the Strip, you can expect an additional $5-$10 in fares. Some first time goers may enjoy seeing the sights and landmarks as you make your way to your hotel.


A few more Las Vegas taxi tips:

Before you get in– jot down the cab number and taxi company in case of any issues. Taxis are equipped with cameras and provide evidence in case of any crimes committed. Make sure both your cab driver and yourself are abiding by the state laws. You are no longer allowed to drink alcohol in cabs, used to be legal, not anymore. You must wear a seatbelt (although most don’t). Talking on cell phones and driving is illegal, tell your driver to turn it off (politely of course).


Average fares from the airport:

Aria $16.70
Bally’s $17.70
Bellagio $18.45
The Cromwell $15.80
Caesars $17.70
Circus Circus $25.70
Cosmopolitan $18.65
Flamingo $16.45
Harrah’s $17.70
Luxor $16.75
Mandalay Bay $16.75
MGM Grand $13.20
Mirage $19.45
Monte Carlo $16.55
Palace Station $23.23
Paris $17.50
Rio $21.15
Stratosphere $20.60
The LINQ $18.18
Treasure Island $21.25
The Venetian $22.25
Wynn Las Vegas $18.50
Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas $26.40


If you want more information you can visit the Nevada Taxicab Authority at


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