Avoid Drinking on the Plane

By August 17, 2015 No Comments

Here’s a basic Las Vegas travel tip. Although Dierks Bentley has made getting drunk on planes a favorable sounding option, I avoid alcohol and planes like the plague! The reason is quite simple. With the high altitude and dehydrating cabin pressure, drinking on the plane can potentially give you a hangover as soon as you land.

In hindsight, my first trip to Las Vegas was a bit of a head-scratcher. My former boss needed to blow off some steam with the guys, so with three hours notice he booked us two nights at Caesars Palace, first-class flights, and front row tickets to an UFC fight. On our two-hour flight at 36,000 feet, the boss ordered me a couple beers, and when we landed, it was not entirely pleasant. It became obvious beers on the ground and beers in the sky are two very different experiences.

Science backs this phenomenon up. This is because reduced pressure at altitude reduces the ability of the blood to absorb oxygen. Also, the lack of moisture in cabin air causes you to absorb any fluids faster. Thus, your airplane hangover may hit you as soon as you land, causing you to slow down and potentially ruining your first day/night in Las Vegas.

For the naysayers who believe they’re stronger than mile-high booze, just remember when you land in Las Vegas, the drinks flow freely and are available cheaper than those pesky airlines. So avoid a plane hangover and feeling jet-lagged, even on short flights like mine. My tip to first-timers is to hydrate yourself on the plane with complimentary juices or on stingy flights, water, And enjoy great drinks on the ground in Vegas.

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