Does The $20 Trick Really Work?

By March 27, 2015 No Comments

If you have been to Las Vegas, you have probably heard about it. It’s called the “$20 Trick” and has been both praised and ridiculed. The gist is that when you arrive in Las Vegas and head to the check-in desk at your hotel, you slide a $20 in-between your credit card and identification before handing it to the hotel employee checking you in.

The result, a free room upgrade…sometimes.

A simple search on YouTube or Google will show you stories of its success and failure. The trick has become so popular, that its believed hotels stopped comping these free room/suite upgrades. But then a story comes along to show its a live and well (at least Sunday through Thursday).

Check out this first-hand account we found on YouTube about an experience using the $20 at The Venetian in late 2014:

So here’s our question, have you tried it? Did it work? Or did the employee just take your tip? If you haven’t had the chance, would you try it?

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